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About 41North

41North is Yampa Valley’s first & only aquaponic produce farm.


Featuring a year-round, 3,680 square-foot passive-solar greenhouse, and located just 30 minutes drive from Steamboat Springs in Hayden, Colorado, 41North grows leafy greens, herbs, edible flowers, microgreens, and other vegetables for the direct local market throughout the Yampa Valley, providing fresh produce year-round to Steamboat, Hayden, Oak Creek, and Clark. 41North also hosts private farm-to-table dining events and educational workshops.

Our Mission

We believe access to healthy, fresh food shouldn’t be a privilege. We employ and educate communities using sustainable, proven agricultural technology, growing incredible food profitably at scale.

Our Vision

Industrial agriculture consumes huge amounts of fossil fuel, water, and chemical resources. Using proven agricultural technology, we create a cleaner, more efficient, more resilient food system.

Our Philosophy

41North is a human-first company. Our greatest asset is our people, and that customers are partners. We aim to educate, to connect, and to provide world-class quality and service.

Our Produce


Butter Lettuce

Full-sized butter lettuce heads bursting with flavor. Delicious crunch in every bite!


Pac Choi

Available on-demand in both baby and full-size heads. A versatile asian green perfect for eating raw, stir-fry, sauteing, and much more.


Full-sized, locally-grown herbs packed with lots of fresh flavor: basil, mint, thyme, sage, oregano, lavender, and more.


Edible Flowers

Delight diners with beautiful bouquets of flavor. The perfect garnish for stand-out dishes. Numerous varieties available throughout the year.



Tiny sprigs of delicious. A beautiful garnish for any dish, packed with tons of nutrients.



Packed with flavor. Just-sprouted cilantro, dill, fennel, chive, basil, and more upon request. Competes with full-size for fresh flavor!

Our Services

41North grows food using sustainable techniques and renewable technologies. and believes agriculture doesn't have to be a major drain on the environment. We aim to provide fully carbon-neutral food that allows our customers feel good about the produce they consume.

41North leverages our extensive design, construction, and operational experience to provide solutions to problems facing farmers. Have a problem that needs solving, or a process that c0uld use optimizing? We love a good puzzle, and are happy to help.

We consider every inspired guest one of our greatest successes. Join us virtually for a live-streamed, intimate dining workshop with one of Steamboat's Top Chefs.

Join us for an evening of exquisite, exclusive farm-to-table cuisine and a culinary experience unlike any other. 41North provides 16-24 person private dining experiences, hosted in private residences and catered by some of Yampa Valley's most reknown chefs.

41North hosts farm-to-table, exclusive events specifically targeted to bringing people together around the food they consume. With concepts ranging from a Colorado pig roast to a multi-round Ice Cream Competition, 41North events are sure to thrill and engage.

We believe that food can drive communities, and that strong, healthy communities can enable and thrive off great, healthful food. Our Community Supported Agriculture program allows residents, private chefs, and community organizations premiere access to some of Yampa Valley's most exclusive, freshest, most healthful produce.

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