41North Overview & Guarantee

Mission: 41North will be the first and only commercial produce facility in the U.S. fully powered by solar energy.

  1. Our food is grown-to-order based on market demand.
  2. Our food is grown within 20-25 miles of the point of production in Hayden, CO
  3. We are capable of growing food year-round, 365 days a year.
  4. We use zero chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and grow using natural sunlight.
  5. We are constantly experimenting with genetics from some of the top seed banks around the country and will develop any other crops you are looking to use consistently.
  6. We encourage customers to visit our farm to learn about our process and product story.
  7. Currently we distribute to Yampa Valley (Steamboat, Hayden, Craig), and are working to build out our distribution network to reach new mountain communities.
  8. We are developing procedures for USDA GAPS certification.