Our Story

A passive-solar aquaponic farm in Yampa Valley

The seed of an idea that germinated into what eventually became 41North began on New Year’s Eve 2016. Founder & CEO Jay Hirschfeld was speaking to Todd Chapman, who immediately agreed to partner on the design & construction of Yampa Valley’s first ever aquaponics facility. The idea for 41North came as a response to a question: what would happen if we combined high-efficiency thermal engineering, solar power, and aquaponic gardening?

Could we just grow food automatically, indefinitely?


After finishing construction in May 2018, 41North launched operations officially in September of that same year. The company immediately began selling out of its’ first microgreen harvests, progress that has continued through Spring 2019. The company now supplies some of the top fine-dining establishments in Steamboat Springs, Hayden, and Craig with the freshest available produce throughout the year.

In February of 2019, 41North also started hosting exclusive farm-to-table dining experiences at private residences in Steamboat Springs and throughout Yampa Valley.

Our Team

Happy People, Happy Plants

Jay Hirschfeld

CEO & Founder

Jay was raised in New Jersey & Illinois before graduating from the University of Miami. Jay has extensive experience in digital marketing, design, electrical systems, business, and technology. His favorite plant is the Mongolian Giant sunflower, reaching 14′ in height with blooms up to 24″ wide.

Todd Chapman

Co-Founder, Director of Construction

Owner/operator of Chapman Construction, Todd Chapman is one of Colorado’s premiere pool builders and tile setters. A long-time vegetarian and big believer in healthy eating, Todd is a believer in sustainable farming techniques and almost wholly responsible for 41North’s 6,000-gallon indoor koi pond.

Paul Worster

Head Builder

Paul is owner/operator of Bulldog Maintance in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. A skilled metal-worker, wood-worker, plumber and electrician, Paul is a jack of all trades when it comes to building things. He has a tremendous passion for vertical and hydroponic gardening.

Sara Benton

Head Grower

A lover of all-things ‘plant’, Sara has tremendous gardening experience, having worked in and operated major nurseries throughout Yampa Valley. Sara is also a passionate herbalist, and love to experiment with elixirs, syrups, infused honeys and more.

Our Technology

Keeping the lights on

Passive-Solar Greenhouse

41North’s 3,680 square foot, climate-controlled greenhouse is designed to capture and store heat energy from the sign in a very efficient manner. This unique structure has a roof that tracks the sun, pitched at a 40° angle to match the latitude of northwest Colorado.

Aquaponic Farming

Our fish produce nitrogen-rich fertilizer that helps feed our plants with the freshest nutrients available. Once the plants remove the nitrogen from the water, the water is returned to the fish tank, starting the cycle over again.

Climate Battery

 Buried 5′ deep in our foundation, the climate battery stores and recirculates warm air produced during the daytime to heat the greenhouse at night, and that same cooler air pumped in at night to help cool the facility. This helps maintain a stable 55°-80° climate using minimal energy.

Our Services

More than just a farm

41North grows food using sustainable techniques and renewable technologies. and believes agriculture doesn't have to be a major drain on the environment. We aim to provide fully carbon-neutral food that allows our customers feel good about the produce they consume.

41North leverages our extensive design, construction, and operational experience to provide solutions to problems facing farmers. Have a problem that needs solving, or a process that c0uld use optimizing? We love a good puzzle, and are happy to help.

We consider every inspired guest one of our greatest successes. Interested in visiting the farm, learning more about our operations, and even one day becoming an aquaponic farmer yourself? Schedule your tour today.

Join us for an evening of exquisite, exclusive farm-to-table cuisine and a culinary experience unlike any other. 41North provides 16-24 person private dining experiences, hosted in private residences and catered by some of Yampa Valley's most reknown chefs.

41North hosts farm-to-table, exclusive events specifically targeted to bringing people together around the food they consume. With concepts ranging from a Colorado pig roast to a multi-round Ice Cream Competition, 41North events are sure to thrill and engage.

We believe that food can drive communities, and that strong, healthy communities can enable and thrive off great, healthful food. Our Community Supported Agriculture program allows residents, private chefs, and community organizations premiere access to some of Yampa Valley's most exclusive, freshest, most healthful produce.