Weekly Farm Share (Pre-Paid Plans)



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Now Available: Weekly Farm Share Pre-Paid Plans

**TODAY THROUGH MONDAY, 11/30, at 11:59 PM ONLY**

Get a share, give a share!

All plans are NOW 15% off, AND for each share purchased: we will be donating a share of equal size and length to LiftUp of Routt County Food Bank!

Choose from 1, 3, 6, and 12-month plans and receive significant savings as a thank you for being one of our most awesome Farm Share members.

(which is saying a lot, considering how awesome our Farm Share Members all are…)

Along with everything listed below, tiered farm share members receive updates on future, upcoming products, along with ongoing and new farm developments, and access to our latest, most ‘experimental’ produce– the stuff we may still be testing out before planting it at a commercial-scale for our farm share members.